About Us

Stay Hungry because - name one person at the top who hasn't.  Our designs are catered towards the ambitious.  Those who strive to maximize their potential in anything they do;  whether it be financially, physically, spiritually or otherwise.  The approach to most of our concepts is what we call "flashy minimalism".  Pieces simple enough to preserve the versatility to be worn with a number of outfit options but flashy enough to still turn heads and make a statement.  

All of our designs are printed on premium materials and meant to fit comfortably but fashionably.   No matter if you are a sneaker head, fitness addict who loves to be fashionable or someone who just loves a dope t-shirt with a message, we got you covered.  

We stay up to date with all major sneaker releases from Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Asics etc and often releases pieces in colorways to accompany them.  Please remember to check in with us anytime your looking for something to rock with your latest pick-ups!

Ambition is a Lifestyle, Stay Hungry!

 *Special Note from Our Owner:  

To some of us T-Shirts are a staple item in the wardrobe.  We look at them as more than something "to just throw on" real quick.  There is a pride we take in pulling a look together in a T that is just as dope as one of our more chic or formal looks. Range and Versatility are two words that come to mind.  The ability to be & feel just as fly in anything we rock.  I personally love my Ts, hoodies & kix as much as I do my button downs, merino wool crewnecks, oxfords & wingtips.  

 Whether this describes you or you are someone who could care less about a good T-Shirt, we understand quite a few new brands are able to offer you 9.99 T-shirts often.  We aren’t here to knock them, heck we even support & cop a couple from time to time.  However, our focus has always been and always will be Longevity.  Longevity is rooted in quality.  Quality ideas, messaging & products.  We love that our customers are pleasantly surprised when they get their products in hand.  The touch, overall feel & fit of the fabric is usually more than what they expected at our price point.  I take much pride in the fact that you will still be able to rock Stay Hungry Cloth just as well after one wash as you did the first time.  Then a few more washes after that!  (Following our care instructions won’t hurt either) *wink wink*

 This is why it is difficult for us to offer you an “super inexpensive” product.  We source and produce right here in the U.S. but rest assured as we grow, the quality will get even better and we will transfer any savings we can find in the supply chain over to you.  Should the day come where we ever do offer you a $9.99 T, you can be it will be the best $9 T-Shirt money can buy! lol

We truly appreciate your support and we hope you take as much pride in bodying your next Stay Hungry Cloth piece/fit as we did in creating it.




1000 Front St PO Box 522, Uniondale, NY 11553

E: info@stayhungrycloth.com